Here and There

A mish-mashed collection of ephemeral odds and ends

We all deal with ephemera just about everyday. They're bits and pieces not always meant to last, or things that people never think about. Consider how some mail order companies ship their items. The best companies have gone as far as to build a recognizable brand that extends even to their packaging. One of the best known examples would be Amazon. You can recognize an Amazon branded box from pretty far away due to its company logo being slathered on the visible sides.

Branding isn't just limited to packaging materials (but that's a nice touch). It also extends to other items as well. Business cards. Catalogs. And even as far as websites for that touch of digital ephemera. While the Internet does capture and archive a vast trove of material, a lot also disappears away into the sands of the hourglasses and fade away into obscurity, lost forever.