A Folio Society (FS) Shipment

That white Royal Mail bag has become ubiquitous.

The Folio Society (FS) is an English publisher of fine illustrated books. Founded by Charles Ede in 1947, the Society publishes hardcover books with unique bindings, which are almost always illustrated (or uses reproduced color plates / photographs). Most books come with a slipcase, and the Folio Society also publishes a number of limited edition fine books. There's also a third category of books that fall between a standard edition and an limited edition (those are commonly known as 'fine editions', usually with quarter-leather bindings).

The Society does not publish very many (if at all) books with ISBN numbers, and usually selects its books on the basis of its whims (and sales potential). Membership was originally required, but in the present day (2013), one is able to purchase single volumes directly from the Society without being a member, however membership carries its privileges (such as the ever-popular Sales, free gifts, and renewing/joining offers). The standard membership requirement is to purchase four volumes from their current publication list. The Society does not keep books in print indefinitely, and has been known to bring back a book after a number of years with a different design / illustrations.

Most of the best editions of books are illustrated somehow. The decline of illustrated editions in the publishing landscape is remarkable, but The Folio Society has helped stem the tide against this pattern. Here's one of my very first orders with the Folio Society, a book order of five standard editions.

These white Royal Mail bags have been bringing happiness to book-lovers for a while now:

A standard cardboard box is all that's inside the bag:

A packing list and a copy of folio magazine is included in the box:

Well bubbled to protect these FS treasures:

Behold... five Folio Society books!

(Originally written 7-Jun-2013)