In regards to the design and production of Ephemeral Pursuits

As a web designer (at least for my own sites), I use a variety of tools to help me produce Ephemeral Pursuits. It's my belief that sharing your toolkit with others can only help the quality of information available on the Internet, especially in regards to esoteric information (especially in the book trade). More information is always a good thing. And if you end up getting more high-quality tools & information, you benefit as well. I hope to learn from others' comments as well.

I'm currently using two different methods to display information. One is via static HTML pages (currently using a modified free CSS template designed by nodethirtythree) and the blog is being served up by a Wordpress installation on my own hosting account. But in order to make these pages, I rely on a variety of different tools, both digital and tactile:

  • Notepad++ Freeware source code editor and Notepad replacement (Highly recommended)
  • Pixlr Online photo editing software
  • Field Notes Paper notebooks (also highly recommended)
  • Filezilla Free FTP software