Professor Noah's Spaceship by Brian Wildsmith

Children's Choice Book Club, 1980

ISBN - 0590758144, Reviewed: 18 December 2012

Of course somebody had to adapt the well-known Biblical story of Noah and the Ark to a children's book. Instead of getting a literal adaptation, we ended up with a secular "Professor" Noah and his Spaceship. The general premise of the story is the same as the traditional story, just with a couple of twists thrown in. And of course, the Children's Choice edition is glorious as usual:

The mascot has been given a rather fitting hot-air balloon on the bookplate page in order to match up with the book's theme. The purple endpaper colors also matches nicely with the cover, which means that the Club chose well again:

What really sets this book apart is its use of geometric patterns as is well demonstrated by its title page:

The illustrations are reminiscient of Leo Lionni and Eric Carle but retain an unique style as one can see from a sample two-page spread from within the book: