Gator Pie by Louise Matthews

Illustrated by Jeni Bassett, Children's Choice Book Club, 1979

ISBN - 0590758128, Reviewed: 8 December 2012

Gator Pie is another example that illustrates what most Children's Choice Book Club editions resembled in my memory. Matte boards (never with a dust jacket), with the original book cover printed onto the paper with rounded corners. And of course, you can't forget the rainbow colored spine, and the possible addition of the classic Children's Choice mascot somewhere:

Then there's the bookplate page - one of my favorite features of the Children's Choice Book Club editions was that they usually chose endpaper colors to match the feel of the book (in this case, light green for the gator theme). There are also slight changes to the actual bookplate image itself from time to time - you can compare and contrast with the other books I've listed. Here's the Gator Pie bookplate mascot:

Gator Pie has been a vintage children's book in high demand lately due to homeschoolers. It's one of the few books that doesn't pander to children about math and is a wonderful way to teach them about fractions by utilizing a picture book that tells a coherent story and apart from a briefly issued paperback reprint, it has never been reprinted thus far. :

It may be hard to find the approriate books if you simply search for Children's Choice Book Club editions - you may also have to know which actual publisher printed that exact book. Often, sellers don't bother to list the ISBN number, or don't note that it's a Book Club edition or that it has a rainbow colored spine. Thus, knowing the publisher name helps, as many sellers may list the book under that name instead (in this case, Dodd, Mead, and Company):