Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

Illustrated by Robert Lawson, Children's Choice Book Club, 1964

ISBN - 0590758179, Reviewed: 18 December 2012

Ferdinand is a classic children's story about a shy bull. This Children's Choice edition is rather unique from most other Club editions. For one thing, it's nearly a perfect square of a book. The other thing is that the cover is the only place you'll find color in this book. Everything else is black and white, even the Club mascot on the interior pages:

The rainbow spine definitely has the most color of the entire book:

Even the Club mascot is in black and white, a rarity (also, no bookplate in this book):

The problem with this edition is that unless the seller notes that it's the Children's Choice Club edition, you won't know if you'll be receiving this particular edition or not. The ISBN numbers are apparently the same for the regular Viking Press 1964 edition and this edition. I'm also aware that there may be a difference between different print runs of the Children's Choice edition, but until I'm able to verify the existence of another print run, this is all I know for right now.