It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown by Charles M Schultz

Children's Choice Book Club, 1975

ISBN - 059075890X, Reviewed: 8 December 2012

It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown is a strange example of a Children's Choice Book Club edition, as it was a commerically successful book and Peanuts is probably one of the most well known brands globally. It has the standard Club matte boards (never with a dust jacket), with the original book cover printed onto the paper with rounded corners. And of course, you can't forget the rainbow colored spine, and the possible addition of the classic Children's Choice mascot somewhere:

This edition differs from most other Children's Choice selections in that it has an unique double-page bookplate spread, where the publication information is also included below the bookplate mascot, with the rest of the two pages being the start of the book itself:

In addition to the bookplate pages being different, the endpapers are also unique. Most books simply have an excellent color selected, whereas 'It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown' has pictorial endpapers featuring the Peanuts gang:

And of course, the rainbow spine is featured on this edition as well: