The Bremen-town Musicians retold by Ruth Belov Gross

Illustrated by Jack Kent, Children's Choice Book Club, 1974

ISBN - 0590758063, Reviewed: 8 December 2012

This is a wonderful book that illustrates what most Children's Choice Book Club editions resembled in my memory. Matte boards (never with a dust jacket), with the original book cover printed onto the paper with rounded corners. And of course, you can't forget the rainbow colored spine, and the possible addition of the classic Children's Choice mascot somewhere:

Then there's the bookplate page:

But what really distinguishes this book is the art of Jack Kent. Most of the books selected to be published in the Children's Choice Book Club are gems in the rough or classics. Just take a look at how full of color Kent's illustrations are:

Then there's a wonderful vintage advertisement for book-related ephemera from the Book Club. An offer for six bookish posters, with a reply by 1980 end date!

The posters on offer include images/covers from the following books:
Puss In Boots, That Clever Cat
Here Comes Babar!
Hooray for Curious George!
Everybody Loves Lyle
Fun With George and Martha
The Year at Maple Hill Farm
All posters were 17"x22" sized, and you could have gotten all 6 shipped to you in a tube (in full color, despite the ad being in black and white) including shipping and handling for only $3.95. In 1974, $3.95 would have been worth $18.53 in 2012 terms, and in 1980, it would have been $11.09! That's a bargain for either price, and I only hope several children took advantage of this offer. I wonder if any of those posters have survived unscathed today.