Night Film – Marisha Pessl

I’ve been meaning to review Marisha Pessl’s physical book genre-bending novel Night Film for quite some time. Easily one of the best books I read in 2013, it’s not quite as much a book as it is an experiment in storytelling. It blends the Internet, mobile-phone era, and the traditional book into one tidy package. It’s very hard to describe the full experience of Night Film without photographs which do a far better job of explaining this book than […] Read More

The Key – Simon Toyne

Simon Toyne began the Sanctus trilogy to great fanfare from fans of thrillers. The Key is the second novel in the trilogy, and stands rather well on its own – you don’t necessarily have to had read Sanctus in order to understand and enjoy the plot in The Key. Toyne’s prose moves the plot along at a breezy pace, but it’s not anything truly memorable in the end, and returns to familiar settings for readers […] Read More

The Burning Sky – Sherry Thomas

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas is the first in a planned trilogy entitled ‘The Elemental Trilogy’. Set in England in the 1880s with both a magical world and a normal world, if you’ve been searching for your Harry Potter replacement – this is it. The Burning Sky recalls common elements grounded in reality, such as the English 1880s setting, but adds its own twist on the boarding school concept. The plot is quickly hashed […] Read More

The Returned – Jason Mott

I wanted to like and enjoy The Returned by Jason Mott. I really did. It made it onto Entertainment Weekly‘s Summer Must List for 2013 – a list of the best 10 books you could read for Summer 2013. EW’s succinct summary mentioned that The Returned is already being adapted for a mid-season ABC series entitled Resurrection starring Omar Epps. The title of that adaptation gives away the basic premise of the storyline in The […] Read More

We Are Anonymous – Parmy Olson

It seems like just a little while ago that Anonymous and LulzSec were the darlings of the media. It was a pretty good bet that you’d find something in the news weekly about something or another that LulzSec or Anonymous had just done. While these hacker groups purposely remain anonymous on purpose, we’re still graced with a ‘tell-all’ book that has been expertly reported by Parmy Olson. One of the key members of LulzSec (‘Topiary’, […] Read More

Five Days At Memorial – Sherri Fink

Five Days at Memorial by Sherri Fink was just published on September 10, 2013. Thanks to the publisher (Crown) – I was able to read an advance digital copy of this book. I can confirm wholeheartedly that it’s earned all the accolades coming its way thus far. An informative page-turner, the struggle with ethics and morality is highlighted throughout the book, which is a meticulously reconstructed narrative of the events occurring during Hurricane Katrina at […] Read More

The Lemon Orchard – Luanne Rice

I’m always open to trying new things, even reading books of a genre that I don’t normally read. The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice is in the romance genre, which isn’t typically a genre most men would consider reading books from. But so many classics of literature are firmly entrenched within the realm ofromance, although they’d be “literary romance”, such as the Bronte sisters’ novels. The brief description of The Lemon Orchard seemed intriguing enough, so I requested an […] Read More

Inferno – Dan Brown

There seems to be no end to things that Dan Brown will mutilate in his highly successful and profitable endeavors. You buy one of his books for money and in exchange, receive a couple of hours of entertainment that makes you feel dirty and want a shower afterwards. Today’s target was Dante’s The Inferno. Professor Robert Langdon continues his profitable and successful James Bond and Indiana Jones blend. You know what you’re getting with a Dan […] Read More