The Glossary for Ephemeral Pursuits is both general-use and specific to this website. As we all know, acronyms can mean different things to different people in whatever context they’re used in. I’ll attempt to write at least a brief definition about each term I decide to place in this Glossary in the article they first appeared in.

  • heat-sensitive disappearing ink: a blob of ink imparted onto a page to turn that part opaque until heat is applied to the blob, turning it translucent and revealing the details on the page underneath the blob and then the opaque characteristic restores itself in a brief period of time (technically, a variant of thermochromic ink) [illustrative photo 1] [illustrative photo 2] [illustrative photo 3] [first article appearance]
  • laid-in: very simply, something not part of the book itself, where it’s been tucked into the book loosely
  • tanning: uniform yellowing or browning of acidic paper (usually occurs in paperbacks) [illustrative photo]

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