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[NS] The Gods are A-Thirst by Anatole France (1942)

Jerry Fieldsted of George Macy Imagery recently posted about the Heritage Press exclusive The Gods are A-Thirst by Anatole France. That edition comes from the Nonesuch Press edition, which I happen to have a copy of. George Macy was also the editor/owner of Nonesuch Press after initiating a takeover in 1935, with his new program beginning in 1938. Macy remained… Read more »

{FC} Scissors by Stephane Michaka, Translated by John Cullen

Literary readers will already know who Raymond Carver is. If by some chance you haven’t heard of Carver, then this book is an absolute delight to read blind, without any prior knowledge. If that’s you – then ignore the rest of this review and go ahead and preorder the book. Slated for publication on August 13, 2013 by Nan A…. Read more »