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Looking for Calvin and Hobbes by Nevin Martell

Bill Watterson created one of the most indelible parts of literature and pop culture in the late 20th century, the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Begun in 1985 and ending its run in 1995, Calvin and Hobbes took its readers onto a magical journey – one that nobody wanted to end. Adding to the intrigue – Bill Watterson has become… Read more »

[GN] RASL – The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla by Jeff Smith

The RASL trade paperback review series finally concludes with its final volume, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla which collates RASL #12-15 into one final oversized deluxe paperback. The pace of the storyline picks up its intensity to a frenzy for the concluding arc. RASL is trying to piece the puzzle together of how to survive and escape the clutches… Read more »

[GN] RASL – Romance at the Speed of Light by Jeff Smith

We continue the RASL series reviews with volume 3 of the deluxe paperback editions (vol 1 and vol 2 have been previously reviewed here). Volume 3 has the subtitle of “Romance at the Speed of Light”, which is actually what “RASL” is an acronym for, even though it’s missing the the. This trade paperback collates issues numbers #8-11. Smith’s mastery… Read more »

[GN] RASL – The Fire of St. George by Jeff Smith

RASL: The Fires of St. George continues the RASL comic series trade collation by collecting RASL #4-7 in this deluxe paperback edition. The first volume, RASL: The Drift was previously reviewed here. Continuing where The Drift left off, we’re introduced to the start of a common theme: that of Nikola Tesla and his ideas interwoven throughout the narrative. The quote… Read more »

[GN] RASL – The Drift by Jeff Smith

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Jeff Smith is best known (and for good reason) for his magnum opus, Bone. His recently completed comic project (RASL) is a worthy successor to one of the best comic series of all time. The entire run was recently collated in four separate trade paperbacks – I’ll review each of these volumes. Obviously, you’ll have to start with the first… Read more »

[GN] Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary by Justin Green

It’s about time that I began reviewing a component of my reading diet that happens to be especially large. The graphic novel or “comics”, whichever you want to call these works of literature accounts for roughly half of my reading over the past couple of years and probably a full quarter of my entire lifetime reading list. I’m not talking… Read more »