Ephemeral Pursuits was founded in Spring 2011 by Nick Long.

The generally acknowledged areas of focus covered on this blog includes literature, children’s books, illustration, ephemera, essays, writing tools, and other printed matter. Occasionally, I delve into other interests of mine, because it is after all, a blog centered on my interests. Over time, I’ve produced a variety of posts and reviews. Some have been lost to technical issues. Some remain. In the interest of promoting a better focus on the subject matter listed above, I spun off my cinematic (television & movies) reviews to their own blog – Cinematically. Over the past several years, dating beyond 2011, I’ve always had a website of some form or other. As life goes on and the more that I learn, often I find that I want to revise older posts. So if there’s an older post you wanted to revisit and I haven’t “remastered” it yet, please let me know.

For the most part, all pictures that are provided are being done so under fair use laws to illustrate the works under review. Ephemeral Pursuits has no commercial stake in any publisher or retailer. Occasionally, I provide affiliate links throughout selected posts to provide readers an easy way to purchase the items being reviewed. If such affiliate links are used (usually via Amazon), they will be indicated as such. Ephemeral Pursuits receives a small commission if items are purchased through such affiliate links, but the commissions are nominal at best and no commissions have been received for several years. I have also received other compensation in exchange for producing blog posts, which have always been disclosed as on those posts per FCC requirements. If there are no mentions anywhere, which is often the case – assume that it was a labor of love and no compensation was given or received.

Any copyrights involved remain with their respective owners, and no permission is implied or granted for the use of any material contained within Ephemeral Pursuits outside of the fair use doctrine.