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[LEC] History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

[Editor’s Note: As a new feature on Ephemeral Pursuits – I’ll begin featuring my reviews of the PRODUCTION of books published in the past by The George Macy Companies. Those books usually consisted of the best literature from the Western Canon and selected contemporary literature. The original books were published as part of the Limited Editions Club (LEC), with a… Read more »

[EP] Allegory Pens & The Etch: A Review

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I’ve previously written about my preference to write things daily – especially in longhand if I’m unable to write something on the computer. That focused on Field Notes Brand as being my preferred notebook of choice. But I’ve never written about what I like to write with, mainly because I’m in a constant state of flux about what I enjoy… Read more »

{FC} Scissors by Stephane Michaka, Translated by John Cullen

Literary readers will already know who Raymond Carver is. If by some chance you haven’t heard of Carver, then this book is an absolute delight to read blind, without any prior knowledge. If that’s you – then ignore the rest of this review and go ahead and preorder the book. Slated for publication on August 13, 2013 by Nan A…. Read more »