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How Edith McGillcuddy Met R.L.S. by John Steinbeck

In January of 2012, Mr. Adamson apprised the readers of Books & Vines about the Rowfant Club, and in the article, he inquired about the Rowfant Club’s other publications. The only additional information I will provide about the Rowfant Club is that they utilized several different printers to print their books, so that’s also a contributing factor in the desirability… Read more »

Sanctus by Simon Toyne

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If you’ve been missing Dan Brown’s thrillers and want something written in nearly the exact same method, with extremely short chapters, then Sanctus fits the bill! Pseudo-religious, with a surprise twist ending you don’t see coming, and Toyne introduces several characters you’ll follow throughout the novel and beyond. Sanctus is actually the first book of a planned trilogy, but stands… Read more »