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The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth by Alexandra Robbins

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth is Alexandra Robbins’ most recent book, published in May of 2011. While I’ve read all of Robbins’ previous books, this one fell a bit flat for me. Pledged is my favorite Robbins book and I thought there wasn’t quite enough of Robbins’ narrative style of writing in Geeks for me. Robbins writes in a… Read more »

Keep Our Secrets by Jordan Crane

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The fifth book in the McMullens series published by McSweeney’s, Keep Our Secrets by Jordan Crane is an odd board book for children printed with heat-sensitive disappearing ink. Billed as the first board book printed in such a manner, it’s a hard claim to dispute, especially with how few products are even printed utilizing this technology. The general premise behind… Read more »

Searching for the Whale

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[This is a complementary post to my guest article on Books & Vines – which can be found over here (a mirrored copy can be found here). If you’re interested in fine press books at all, you would do well by visiting Books & Vines frequently.] Moby-Dick by Herman Melville is one of the greatest works of literature ever written… Read more »

When She Woke – Hillary Jordan

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When She Woke by Hillary Jordan is probably one of the ‘hottest’ books being hand-sold these days. Published by Algonquin after a large number of other traditional publishers passed on the book [To my great surprise and pleasure, the author, Hillary Jordan has corrected me on this part – other publishers passed over Mudbound, but rather, Algonquin bought When She… Read more »

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

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The book that sparked my interest in ‘upgrading’ my library to a more permanent collection was one of the most important books from my childhood. Bridge to Terabithia was written in 1977 by Katherine Paterson and it went on to win the Newbery Medal in 1978. The book was written by Mrs. Paterson as a book for her son after… Read more »

Ephemeral Pursuits Finally Goes Live!

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It’s only taken me a few months, but this blog is finally live. While I’ve taken the time to write a few reviews in the past (several) months, I hadn’t been willing to “officially” open this blog just yet. I’ve finally completed all the ‘back-end’ structural work I wanted to complete prior to going public. And as part of the… Read more »