The Arion Press Moby-Dick (1979)

Herman Melville's masterpiece got a superb fine press publication by the Arion Press that I was fortunate enough to review.

Field Notes

Field Notes are pocket notebooks made in the USA, by Coudal Partners and they even release limited-edition notebooks on a seasonal basis.

Literary Magazines

There are hundreds of literary magazines (litmags) out there. I review my favorite ones here, including Grantland (pictured above).

Miscellaneous Ephemera

Random cool items that don't fit in any other category like shipments and other random pieces of ephemera.

Children's Choice Book Club

Scholastic Book Service, 1960-1990

A beloved book club that produced distinctive hardcover editions of classic children's books, mailed to subscribers monthly. These editions are easily identified by the books' rainbow spines and the appearance of the cute "monster" throughout the books.

Beeradvocate Magazine

The Alström Bros, December 2006 - Present

The first monthly magazine dedicated to reviewing beers, introducing beers, and presenting beer-related and beer-specific information. The magazine launched in December of 2006 by signing up 'founding subscribers' - despite having no cover price and being distributed in an odd model. To guarantee a copy of the magazine, you had (and still have to) subscribe to the magazine.


The WB, 1998-2002

One of my favorite television shows of all time.